Published Works

When the pandemic hit and we were stuck at home, I learned how to make children’s picture books. With the help of Storyteller Academy, I learned about writing and story development. I was also new to illustration, and I learned how to use Procreate to bring my story to life.

My first book, called Adam Wakes Up To A Day Of Surprises, was published in spring of 2021. It’s based on my autistic son’s experience being quarantined at home, and his experience with virtual learning. It was a rough time for everyone, but parents and teachers pitch in to help Adam and his classmates.

I wasn’t expecting to make a second book. But then a teacher planted a seed, and that became a second book called Adam Goes To Middle School. It explores the transition from elementary to middle school. This can be especially hard on autistic students, who thrive on routine and the familiar. All kids can identify with the fear and anxiety of going to a new school.

Visit my author page on Amazon to learn more about these books. I also have other books in progress. As soon as those are published, you’ll see them on this page.

I also have video versions of my books on Youtube. If you enjoyed it, please like and comment on the videos. Thanks 🙂

My first book Adam Wakes Up To A Day Of Surprises
Story Preview of Adam Goes To Middle School