Taekwondo Black Belt Congratulations Greeting Card


  • 5×7 inch greeting card with envelope
  • Blank inside
  • Free USPS First Class Shipping
  • Printed in the U.S.


This card is the perfect way to congratulate someone who is testing for their black belt. It was inspired by my son, who has been in Taekwondo since he was a little boy. After many years he was eligible to test for black belt. I created this card to celebrate this achievement. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach this level. The surrounding words describe the character traits that the masters try to instill in their students. And once the students are awarded the black belt, there is a code of honor they pledge an oath to.

I thought after he reached black belt he was done. But guess what? It continues on. First degree black belt, then second degree black belt, third degree which is where my son is currently at. I believe it goes up to 5th degree. At this point it becomes TKD for life. Be proud of how far they’ve come.

I have this design available on Zazzle, where you can customize a message on the inside. Or order a larger size card like 8×10.