BTS Fan Art Card For The Yet To Come Movie Concert

BTS Fan Art Note Card

I will be going to the BTS movie in theaters February 1-4. It features their Busan, Korea concert from October 2022. It’s supposed to have never-before-seen footage, and I keep hearing about a very emotional ending. I’ve been avoiding all news articles so there are no spoilers.

I’ve never been to a BTS concert before. I discovered them during the pandemic. Then last year they announced they were taking a break as a group, for a variety of reasons. Required military service being one of them. So when they announced this concert movie, I figured it was my last chance to have the ARMY experience. In case you don’t know, ARMY is what they call BTS fans. It stands for Adorable Representative MC For Youth. I don’t quite get it. But it’s a fandom I enjoy being a part of. And it’s not just for kids and teens! It encompasses a wide range of fans – young and old, men and women, all kinds of nationalities from African to Russian to South American. And U.S. of course. They are known and loved Worldwide.

I’ve seen the Youtube videos about the ARMY bomb light stick and the fan chants. They are a very interactive audience. And not just with BTS, they are also interactive with each other. I’d seen how at Lollapalooza for J-Hope, people brought freebies to give away such as stickers and bracelets.

Anyhow, why am I writing about this on my art blog? Well, I sketched out a fan art card. Yep, that’s right! I didn’t realize what a challenge it would be to draw seven people. I found myself studying their facial features and clothing. But once I got into a rhythm, I really enjoyed myself. I started to draw each member with an iconic look, then I realized they were from different eras. So I hope it doesn’t feel to disjointed. As a greeting card designer, we aim for designs that are cohesive, where the color schemes are in harmony. I apologize if the final result is a bit chaotic, but that’s how our boys roll!

Here is how I ended up sketching the men:

RM/Joon: I wanted to give him a more current look from his Indigo album. I made his hair a little longer in the back. Then the black turtleneck. Wait, I think the turtleneck is from Sexy Nukim.

Jin: I sketched him as a military guy with beret and camo top.

Suga/Yoongi: Daechwita baby!

J-Hope (or should I say Jay): Jack in the Box hat and white suit.

V/Taehyung: Red Bandana

Jimin: Dynamite-era lavender top and cross earrings

Jungkook: Bucket hat and dark gray sweatshirt

I think the members will be recognizable based on those details. I wish I had more time; I was planning to sketch Taehyung holding Yeontan, his cute dog. I really wanted to have a dog in the sketch. But time is not on my side. I’ve had a busy week of work and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

The overall design is a polaroid-style photo with the members. Underneath “The best is yet to come” is written in reference to their concert Yet to Come as well as the song. It’s an encouraging tag line, I really like it a lot.

BTS Fan Art Greeting Card featuring all seven members. The text says "The best is yet to come".

So as I write this post, I am printing cards. I was going to bring a few dozen. I have a special message on the back that this card is especially made to hand out to ARMY at the movie. I will bring a dozen, maybe two. Still not sure yet. But I am really looking forward to the movie. And I will be dressed in purple! I initially was planning to wear a lavender shirt similar to Jimin in Dynamite. (And no he’s not my bias, I don’t actually have one.) But those plans have been changed by our chilly winter weather – It’ll be a high of 33 degrees. Instead, I will be layered in purple warmth. Thank goodness it’s been my favorite color for years, lavender specifically. I have lots of clothing in that color!

My husband will be coming along, I don’t know how he’s going to react to it. I told him expect it to be loud and practice the fan chant. I know ARMY will be singing along to every song. They’ll be waving their ARMY bombs around (if the theater allows it). And hopefully my card will be well-received! I expect to report on a very enjoyable, memorable experience. Borahae!

If you’d like to buy a card, I have it in my shop. Thank you for your support!

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