I am a graphic artist and license my work on many platforms including Zazzle, Amazon, Red Bubble and Card Isle. I especially love designing for greeting cards, notebooks and gift wrap. I live in Northern Virginia near DC with my family.
The Name Pattern
You’ll also see items with a name pattern. I fell into that one by chance. It all started when i created a blanket for my son Joshua. People loved how i created the name pattern, and they wanted one too! I soon found myself selling them on Etsy. Then I expanded to putting the pattern on beach towels, lunch totes and other items.

Each year I found myself making hundreds of these name patterns. Especially around the holidays. People love giving these as gifts. I put a lot of energy and thought into creating each one. I love fonts, and as I create the pattern, my mind starts to formulate what fonts to use and where they should go. It almost reminds me of that tetris game where everything starts to fall into place. It’s interesting how the brain works. The worst part is when i have a creative block and my mind is blank. That’s usually a sign that i need to take a break 🙂

The price of these blankets reflect the effort involved to create them. I work with a manufacturer in North Carolina, who prints the pattern onto fabric. Then they cut and sew the blanket together. One at a time. They then ship it to your doorstep. It’s a form of slow fashion. And all made in the U.S.

With the ever-increasing Etsy fees, I felt the price of the blankets was getting to be too high. So after the holiday season of 2019, I stopped selling them on Etsy.

Soon enough, customers were messaging me and asking what happened to the blankets. As I write this, it is April 2022 and I still get messages from customers asking about the blankets.

My solution: open my own independent store and offer the name pattern here. I have better control over the cost of the blankets, and I can offer more stable pricing to customers.

Children’s Book Publishing

So that’s my story behind the name pattern. I also delved into book publishing when we were quarantined at home in 2020. I have an autistic son, and he found it difficult to understand why he couldn’t go to school. Worst of all, he hated having virtual schooling.

I tried to help him cope with and understand the situation. It usually helps to do storytelling to help him understand. But I couldn’t find a book that addressed his situation.

So I wrote one. With the help of Arree Chung and Storyteller Academy, I learned how to write a children’s book. Then I learned about illustration. I went from drawing stick figures to real characters.

After a year of story development, I published the children’s book.

The story reflects our real life situation, and it’s told through the lens of an autistic boy. He doesn’t understand why they have to stay home. And why he has virtual school instead of going to a real one. As with many autistic people, they thrive on routine and predictability. Being stuck at home with no place to go, he feels his world has been turned upside down. I think we can all relate to that. It was such a difficult and uncertain time for everyone.

Mom, Dad, and teachers come to the rescue. Oh wait, as I write this I just remembered something. I narrated and created a video version of the book! It’s on our autism awareness Youtube channel. Click and watch to follow the story.

I hope you enjoy it! I’d appreciate if you could like and comment on the video. Creating a children’s picture book was an incredible experience. I hope to publish others some day.

Anyhow, that’s who I am. I look forward to developing this website into something you’ll enjoy visiting! Thank you for your patience as I build this store.