Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Busy Parents

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April 21, 2016


I've had kids in elementary school for a few years now and around this time I start thinking about Teacher Appreciation.  We're fortunate to have really AMAZING teachers and I love to thank them for their hard work. You might be thinking the same. Pinterest will give you a lot of really cool and creative ideas. But if you're a busy parent and don't have time to create something, here is a list of five ideas that I've used:


1. A handwritten note. I know, nothing novel or new about this idea. But teachers really appreciate them. Some of them even keep these notes tucked away in a folder, and on a bad day they bring out that folder to encourage themselves.



Want some cool (and free) stationery? Simply write to Sarah Schwartz, founder of Stationery Trends. You can read details about it by clicking here. But in a nutshell, she says "all you need to do is write me on your favorite stationery and tell me what makes it so. Send it to me at P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122 and with any luck I will feature your missive in April on ThePaperChronicles.com!"


2. Bring them breakfast or lunch. I tried out this idea last year and it was a real hit. Most teachers bring their lunch, they don't have time to step away and go out for something to eat. So I just simply ask "Can I bring you lunch this week?" I ended up bringing BBQ from a local restaurant and it was well received. I plan to do this again next month.



3. Gift Cards. My mother-in-law works for Loudoun County schools and she appreciates receiving gift cards. It gives her a chance to treat herself to a coffee. She also seems to get quite a few iTunes cards and uses it to buy apps and music. 



4. Ask the Classroom Mom. Sometimes the appointed Classroom Mom will ask the teacher for a wish list. Last year the teacher asked for post-it notes and other school supplies. It sounds practical and non-gifty right? (Is non-gifty is a word?). But quite often they will buy classroom supplies using money from their own pockets. It helps the teacher if they don't have to spend their own money for these items.


5. Offer your time. If you have some time ask the teacher if they could use help. It could be during the school day, or something your child sends home. 


Need a few more ideas? We've started a line of notebooks that can be personalized. We also sell teacher appreciation gifts through Zazzle.com. If you click on the images below it will take you directly to the product. If you purchase through these links I might receive a small affiliate commision.


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Do you have other great ideas for Teacher Appreciation? Chime in on the comments below!

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