Fun and Healthy Valentine's Day Treats for Kids

Posted by Cindy 14/01/2016 0 Comment(s)


Valentine's Day is around the corner and I've been looking for something unique for my boys to bring to school. I know there will be plenty of chocolate and candy passed around. I'm a fan of sweets myself but I wanted something different to add to the mix, something non-candy but also just as fun. I stumbled across a blog for stickers you put on fruit. But the link didn't work, I guess the website is no longer active. But it was a brilliant idea - naturally sweet valentines! I searched the internet to see if the page had been moved elsewhere. No such luck. So I came up a set to share with you. 

The first is for oranges and says "Orange You Glad You're My Valentine!". These are great for citrus of various sizes. Use them for the cute little clementines or the regular navel oranges. You can even use them on a Del Monte fruit cup! 

I have these stickers available as a 1 inch and 2.5 inch round. Click on the links to download the files. You can cut and use a glue stick to adhere the label. Or purchase sticker labels and print them out. I recommend Avery 6450 for the 1-inch and Avery 5294 for the 2.5 inch stickers.

Fresh, fun, healthy and cute. Kids of all ages will enjoy these!

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